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Black Sim - modern and free style, taking care of every client!

Modern men's fashion makes special demands on the style of business, casual and weekend wear, it should be restrained and at the same time refined, comfortable and fit like a “second skin”. The Black Sim brand presents its men's collection, which can be described as a breakthrough to perfection.

This means that the presented clothing models are a multifaceted reflection of the life of every man and are available to a wide range of consumers. Black Sim is a special menswear collection that offers a fresh take on menswear and an affordable modern menswear wardrobe.

Black Sim men's collection - bring comfort into your life!

It has long been no secret that the leading position in men's clothing is the suit. But ... a suit is a more than generalized concept, because every person is an individuality. Someone sees themselves as businesslike, elegant, someone is free, brutal.

That is why the designers of the Black Sim brand set themselves the task of thinking over the image so carefully that a man could feel confident and comfortable both in everyday life and in solemn moments.

Each of our collections is the result of a long, painstaking work of a close-knit team of first-class specialists. Talented designers and skillful craftsmen who jointly create masterpieces of men's costume for more than a year.

The vast experience accumulated over decades, craftsmanship and a unique understanding of the latest trends and trends in the fashion world help us to be one step ahead, leaving our competitors far behind.

We offer the sophisticated and demanding customer only the most relevant and most interesting models for any season.

We begin to think over all our collections in advance of their launch into mass production and their official appearance on sale. It takes at least six months only to study and develop many exclusive design solutions, of which only a few will be accepted for further production. Absolutely everything is thought over, starting from the colors and material from which the future model will be made, and ending with the original fittings and exclusive components.

Each new collection is a masterpiece. We do our best so that any customer can find in our stores something that suits his individual style.

Black Sim is a 360-degree wardrobe option for every man. It includes everything you need from clothing for work, leisure and travel:

With Black Sim, a man will always be dressed appropriately, comfortably and elegantly. Convenience of the brand's clothing is a key quality of the brand, which is complemented by functional completeness, a variety of collection and matching accessories.

Brand concept: rationality and convenience for all occasions.

The modern man is significantly limited in time. Individual tailoring in this regard takes priority positions. If you want to dress comfortably, comfortably and elegantly, the Black Sim brand is here to help. The finished products fully reflect the modern requirements for men's wardrobe. Models of classic business wardrobe, free style for work and leisure, travel suits are proposed.

If you want to look perfect - choose Black Sim!

If you follow the fashion trends of any season, then of course your wardrobe will be full of fleeting fashion trends. Therefore, we offer not just men's clothing, but "details" that can be changed, combined, and fantasized with.

When choosing a suit, the style will play a decisive role. A men's suit must be carefully selected so that it successfully emphasizes the figure. Of course, preference is given to fitted styles, but if the figure is not perfect, then it is better to stop your choice on a rectangular cut. Of course, the guarantee of the convenience of the same jacket will be the cuts at the back on the sides.

Shirts in Black Sim, with a soft collar, are often complemented by a tie, this is of course not necessary, the decisive role is played by the atmosphere - formal or festive. Trousers made of atypical materials or jeans will also work. Jumpers are made in deep saturated or bright colors, perfectly complementing classic trousers. We allow unpacking of any products and selection according to individual requirements.

Where to Buy: A journey into a world of good quality and authenticity.

The Black Sim brand is synonymous with quality and perfection of cut, selection of fabrics, elegant accessories. All presented wardrobe items are perfectly combined with each other and are always distinguished by high quality workmanship. In a chain of stores of men's suits and clothes "Vip-Moda" in Kharkov, Dnipro, Kremenchug, Kirovograd, Mariupol, etc. a complete collection of models in the style of the Roman cut, Casual, Business travel style is presented for buying and ordering according to individual measurements.

Available to buyers:

  • sizes from 42 to 66 with a height of 164 cm;
  • unpacking;
  • several hundred types of materials and accessories from the catalog;
  • the ability to choose the way of execution.

Offer for distributors.

If you share the passion of Black Sim designers and prefer quality clothing, our team offers to represent the interests of the brand in your region. You will be able to offer customers a high level of quality, a well-thought-out concept of modern men's style, a wide range of models for all occasions and individual tailoring.

Black Sim is, first of all, a technology for creating high-quality men's clothing that is available to a wide range of buyers. With our brand, your business will acquire new horizons, and customers will remember cooperation with gratitude and return for purchases when they need to purchase a good and comfortable men's thing.

Black Sim - modern and free style, taking care of every client!

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