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Black Sim Product Catalog: Your Way to the Modern Man's Stylish Wardrobe

The Ukrainian brand Black Sim is one of the first domestic brands, the team of which set an ambitious goal for itself to occupy a leading position in European men's fashion. Already the first years of the family business have shown that Black Sim has every chance to dress not only every male representative of our country, but also to enter the European market. The brand's product catalog is available on the website and in company stores.

Black Sim men's clothing stands out for its precise cut, excellent materials and quality tailoring. In addition to this, there is a range of products in various styles, colors and types of fabrics. The brand's masters use a “one fabric - one model” material selection strategy.

Variety - as part of men's fashion

Modern clothing for men has ceased to be unitary and emphatically modest. Men's wardrobe can also be varied, stylish, designed for all occasions - from solemn moments to relaxing in the countryside. The trend of fashionable, functional and comfortable clothing is taken as the basis of the Black Sim brand. This is reflected in all the products of the collection, which represent a line of stylish and affordable men's clothing, where everyone can choose the things they are interested in.

Black Sim brand - for example, Men's shirts Is a good option for a gift. Affordable cost, great tailoring, thoughtful fashion details and quality fabrics are a great choice for men who are truly loved. Women choose Black Sim for their sons' fashionable wardrobe, purchase outerwear as a gift for their fathers, and recommend to their girlfriends and boyfriends.

Men's Blazers from Black Sim Is the brand's key proposition. Comfortable everyday models with an emphasized fashionable style are proposed. They are made for the fall-winter collection from knitwear, tweed fabrics, cashmere and wool. The spring-summer line is represented by models made from mixed raw materials containing natural fibers of silk, cotton, bamboo and linen. The excellent quality of fabrics specially selected for the Black Sim collection is complemented by impeccable tailoring.

The catalog contains several available collections, as well as: men's jackets, trousers, classic and modern men's suits for special occasions and everyday use. All-season models are also popular, the range of which is constantly expanding.

The Black Sim brand is style, quality, comfort

These "three pillars" hold the ideological basis of the company's design proposals. Complemented with good fabrics, competent cut, excellent tailoring and affordable prices. Any models presented in the catalog can be purchased in brand stores and order remotely.

Buyers are available in sizes from 42 to 66, starting with a height of 165 cm. If the client's complexion differs from the standard one, you can use the service of individual tailoring of a men's suit, shirts, trousers and jackets to measure.
Each model is a months-long work of BlackSim specialists so that customers who prefer the brand feel as comfortable as possible!

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