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Classic suits from Black Sim - flawless in everything

Black Sim men's clothing is a new and modern look at the wardrobe of a representative of the strong half of humanity. Moreover, the models of the new Casual collection, as well as the classic lines traditional for Black Sim, are thought out in a special way. Mens costumes, trousers, blazers and shirts are available in a wide assortment so that the selection of clothing is possible for all men. We hasten to note that a significant part of exclusive cut and tailoring products are targeted at young people and business representatives who understand fashion and attach particular importance to finding their own style in clothing.

Classics in the degree of fashion

Men's classic suit over its history of existence, it was gradually formed, the cut of the jacket and trousers changed,

fabrics used for these purposes. In the modern sense, you can find something in common with the frock coat, tailcoat or guards uniform familiar to us from literature and historical photographs.

The main role in the strict image of the modern business man is played by the cut, which guarantees a precise fit of the jacket to the figure. Pants should also accentuate an athletic build. If the client does not have such merits, the task of the tailor is to create the right impression with others through his skills.

Black Sim is a space of good quality fashionable menswear. The collection of the brand includes classic strict, solemn and elegant casual models of a men's suit, as well as outerwear in harmony with a strict business image.

If the client wants to emphasize his commitment to the classic style, he can be recommended a men's three-piece suit. The included trendy vests create a stylish look that is perfect for a formal business setting. The classic men's two-piece suit is presented in the Black Sim collections in various variations of performance.

Material selection

Particular attention is paid to the choice of materials. We are talking about high-quality fabrics that can withstand multiple cleaning and ironing cycles. The inclusion of elastane fibers in the composition makes the costume materials practically indestructible. When choosing fabrics, preference is given to those containing natural materials - high-quality wool, cotton, linen and bamboo, as well as types with a polished surface.

Exclusive models of suits in black and dark gray are a good choice of suits for weddings and other special events, for example, for graduation, graduation or scientific conference. Models in noble gray and deep blue are popular. Warm tweed designs are available for cooler days, as well as classic suits in wool and cashmere fabrics.

Cut features

The main trend in the cut of the modern men's suit is the adherence to the fitted silhouette. The proposed options are designed for different jacket lengths, which allows you to create models of classic menswear that are different in mood and style. Such a variety of assortments helps to select products that provide the perfect fit for customers of different sizes and heights.

One of the most popular cutting features in a men's suit is the presence of two side vents. This solution, while maintaining the classic silhouette, provides greater comfort, especially relevant for vehicle drivers.

Customers can choose suits from the spring-summer or autumn-winter collection. The Black Sim brand offers popular all-season models of a business suit popular among buyers.

Attention to contrasts

Black Sim men's looks always look great thanks to tonal details and play on contrasts. In combination with various accessories, in addition to the impeccable cut, the Black Sim men's suit will always emphasize the winning masculine qualities of its owner and attract the attention of others with its emphatically verified style.

We invite partners to cooperate

If your hobby is men's clothing, we offer you an interesting experiment. Try dressing your clients in Black Sim. Partners are offered interesting conditions that allow them to create their own business and offer customers a new men's brand of high-quality clothing. Men's suits are always in demand, and the quality and perfection of Black Sim is the secret of commercial success.

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