Blue men's suit BlackSim 0202 made of wool with cashmere
Men's Classic Suit Black Sim 3201
Men's Classic Suit Black Sim 0402

Black Sim Living: New Ideas in the Collection

The new Black Sim collection features new shapes, ideas and fabrics. She "matured", as many regular customers have matured, but there are also models of comfortable and high-quality clothes for men of different ages. Our team has proven its ability to create first-class products based on the accepted principles of high masculine style, offering their own method of cutting, combining a classic approach and trendy details.

Friendliness, benevolence and emotions are the key qualities of the new collection

Black Sim menswear has become more conceptual in style, but retained its core qualities. All models are discreetly elegant, sophisticated and practical. The characteristic author's style of Black Sim is more and more clearly guessed, based on two main components - functional convenience and ergonomic classics.

During the work of Black Sim, the author's method of cutting men's wardrobe items, which are distinguished by exceptional convenience, has been developed. The new models of the collection will help our clients choose the appropriate additions to their image, based on personal preferences and classical dogmas, where there is always a place for creative experimentation.

With a focus on contrasts, casual, casual and street style styles are perfect for casual looks, informal events, personal and business meetings. The flawless performance and perfect fit from Black Sim will all contribute to a comfortable feeling in everyday use and confidence in all situations.

Bright intonations, characteristic of all models, will make a pleasant impression on others and emphasize the communicative qualities and welcoming benevolence of its owner. This year we are setting a new trend line that many of our clients love. The new collection is “Black Sim style life” filled with colors, emotions, achievements and success. As always, with us you can create your own individual style, purchasing things at your discretion.

Premium business suits: unified functionality in fashion

Black Sim men's suits have changed a bit, they are more uniform and functional. The changes are related to the basic requirements of our customers who purchase business class clothes, which is associated with the need to be ready for any situation at work.

Clothing for the management team of companies should also be comfortable and situationally appropriate in style. The new collection pays sufficient attention to formal models, with light unified intonations, suitable for most business events.

Unrivaled Casual Chic 

The Casual collection has become truly chic thanks to the intricate details and thoughtful selection of materials. She remained relaxed and free in style with a characteristic ergonomic cut, comfortable in all life situations, well combined with outerwear.

Attention is paid to one of the main qualities of a successful modern young person - communication. With the Casual collection, our customers will make a great impression on those around them, which will help them achieve their goals.

Colors, fabrics and accessories

This year, preference in business suits is given to deep fawn and rich shades, non-trivial color performance. The casual pieces are crafted from material in neutral tones with a touch of melange. Particular attention is paid to the intricate details of the cut.

For Casual and Street Style, classic pieces are based on contrasting combinations of neutral colors and vibrant hues. For products with elements of luxury, high-quality fabrics in deep colors are used.

Traditionally, our team pays attention to situational design, the new collection allows you to choose a suit, trousers, jacket, as well as fashion accessories for a business event, celebration, wedding or graduation.

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