Men's warm bomber jacket BlackSim 0213 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0613 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 1113 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0513 with blue insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0813 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 1213 with insulation
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Men's trousers Black Sim 1002 - red, tapered to the bottom
Men's Black Sim 1006 Coffee Chino Tapered Hem

What you need to consider in order to buy a men's bomber jacket successfully

A sports jacket for men should be in the wardrobe of any man, regardless of social status, physique and age. It is from this point of view that the Black Sim designers approached the development of the collection. Fall-winter 2019-2020 will be restrained in shades, but very cozy and comfortable if you decide to buy a men's bomber jacket in one of our salons. Its main feature is functionality and working style.

The advantages of this choice are many:
- a good combination with clothing styles;
- universal free and business style;
- convenience and comfort;
- natural lightweight fabrics that provide good protection from cold and wind.

The men's bomber jacket differs from leather jackets in its functions. If the sports jacket was intended for riding and flight training, then the first bomber jackets were made from softer canvas. Leather bomber jackets with knit trim can also be found on the market, but Black Sim sticks to the functional classics. These are not pilot jackets, but outerwear made of natural woolen fabrics, made with elements of a sporty style. A winter jacket traditionally has a quilted lining, and a hidden fastener perfectly protects the chest area from the cold.

Bomber - as a favorite of business style

If you want to buy a men's jacket, it is better to give preference to products made from woven wool. First, they have a price advantage over leather goods. Secondly, they are an alternative to coats. Outerwear made from high-quality woolen fabrics is lighter, while providing maximum heat-shielding characteristics.

Men who are driving or engaged in a physical activity cannot wear a long coat. A traditional parka may not suit everyone's preferences. But the men's bomber jacket with knitted cuffs and a rather high collar is a good alternative to classic outerwear for frosty winter days.

Let's note some advantages of clothes in comparison with competitors if you want to buy a men's bomber jacket in the Black Sim salon:
- comfortable Italian cut with optimal allowances for freedom of fit;
- high-quality woolen soft fabrics that do not weigh down the product;
- high resistance to wear of wool;
- unassuming and easy care of products.

Such a bomber jacket matches the price of an artificial leather item, but it is also a direct competitor to flight jackets in terms of functionality and comfort. The highest quality wool winter jacket is much better than the leatherette versions. Such a thing is lighter, warmer and more pleasant to the touch.

What to wear if you buy a male bomber jacket in Black Sim

Bombers go well with casual suits. They can be worn freely during work and can be worn with the trousers with arrows and chinos from our collection. The best and most comfortable will be knitted sweaters and cardigans made according to classic models and jacket patterns.

Our designers have created a versatile collection for men's wardrobe, which is based on functionality and comfort. Relatively short jackets, high-quality cuffs, wear-resistant fabrics are the secret of the success of the models of the current Fall-Winter 2019-2020 season. Such products will be constantly present in our store and are sold at affordable prices.

Cutting features from Black Sim

Many buyers are well aware of the differences between the Ukrainian brand Black Sim. First of all, it is a unique style based on the Italian cutting technique. The men's bomber jacket is distinguished by the best indicators of comfort and ergonomics. With any tilt or turn, no constriction is felt. Men's winter jacket from Black Sim always fits perfectly on the figure of any man, at any age and build. Men can buy a men's bomber jacket by pre-ordering tailoring according to individual measurements.

What I would like to draw the attention of buyers:
- on stylish collars and fasteners;
- sufficient length and width of sleeves for cold days and warm clothing;
- Convenient functional pockets.

There are no zip and hooded items in the Black Sim range. Designers have improved the supate fastener and stand-up collar to make them more comfortable for sports and business menswear. Black Sim recommends wearing bomber jackets with trendy sneakers. This will give the look a touch of youthful style.

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