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Classicnot men's coats by Black Sim

Black Sim's new menswear collection includes a range of modern + models of classic men's coats. They are the author's compilation traditional silhouettes that are always popular with representatives stronger sex and made purely with the use of high quality fabrics. Currently, due to the rapidly changing fashion, it makes no sense to detail consider the history of the appearance of outerwear. Black Sim brand designers interested in modern transcription of popular models. Author's vision presented in the latest collections, representatives of the male audience can choose products from the business collection, Casual and the popular street-style "Autumn-Winter" season.

The main types of coats

The overwhelming majority of our compatriots prefer practical warm jackets. Alternatively, you can offer wool or cashmere coat based on the classic silhouette. Shortened products are convenient for motorists and men who use public transport. In the West, long-length coats are purchased by men in age, the shorter the coat, the smaller the age category of its buyers. In our tradition, such a division does not exist, while the older men age give preference to a looser cut. Young people choose fitted style that emphasizes the figure. High quality models have the minimum number of seams and are sewn purely from a single piece of material. When choosing, it is important to be guided about what style and functional purpose the selected outerwear in question.

Coat chesterfield

The coat of the same name is named after the Earl of Chesterfield. Cut became popular in the XIX century, since then represents a vision of European business style. Coat performed single-breasted, has a velvet collar with pointed shortlapels and patch pockets. This model is popular among older men age thanks to the beautiful loose silhouette and delicate gray color.

Coat Covert

The Korvert style refers to the aristocratic style, in many ways similar to the cut Chesterfield, with one exception. The coat is made narrower and with a high slot. This is due to its functional purpose. Croy was created with features accompanying the rider on the hunt. At the same time, the model is not considered
appropriate business dress code. First of all, attention is paid to the choice of material. Preference is given to durable fabrics with dense, practically waterproof textile weave. Collar is made of corduroy, and the coat itself is often green or earthy. This the model implies a large number of pockets for storing small items, as well as a hidden fastener strap.

Trench or Burberry

The silhouette was created by Thomas Burberry at the beginning of the 20th century. The style borrows many ideas from classic outerwear and uniforms and is designed for the British military. It was this cut that became the founder of the famous English trench coats. Classically, such a coat is made of gabardine, which is highly durable and affordable. Modern trench coats can be sewn from thick cotton, wool or leather, most often in black or blue, sometimes with a check print. The style is characterized by a double-breasted design with 6 buttons, the presence of epaulettes,
protective flap on the chest, wide sleeve with a tightening strap. The classic length of such a coat is about 100 cm. Classic men's coat (French cut)
The concept of "coat" (Paletot) as outerwear came to us from France. It is the classic French cut that is distinguished by a fitted silhouette and is often double-breasted, although there may be exceptions. Pockets are also optional. Usually it is a black or blue men's coat. This model has become the standard of business dress code, and in business versions, double-breasted performance is preferred. The upper and lower buttons of French men's coats are located at a different distance and perform only a decorative function. Fit includes allowances for the fit so that you can freely wear a jacket or tuxedo.

Ulster style

Outerwear with this cut was worn in the province of Ulster in Ireland. The coat was made of tweed or other dense bouclé material. A special feature is a double-breasted design, dense fabric, a large collar that can close from the wind. Since the product was made of dense fabric, cuffs and pockets were sewn over the shelf. This model is convenient, with the right choice of material, it is able to protect from the cold in any bad weather, while it does not correspond to the business style.


Polo is a popular style of the classic American coat, but it originally appeared in England. The cut was invented for the outerwear of polo players. Performed according to tradition in colors close to gold. It may have a belt or its elements, but is usually replaced by buttons and a double-breasted fastener. This is a classic men's camel wool coat.

Pea jacket

Cropped coat-jacket made of drape fabric. The model repeats the cut of the classic Russian pea jacket and has elements of the cut of the styles listed. Double-breasted closure and often fitted silhouette make this type of coat similar to the French classic men's coat. Large collar evokes style associations olster or trench coat. Italian men's coat or short coat This type of outerwear is distinguished by an elegant cut, comfort to wear, thanks to the choice of optimal allowances for free fitting. A distinctive feature of the Italian coat is the execution of exclusive types of wool. For the off-season, cotton, jeans, velor, corduroy, linen or cotton can be used. The size and type of collar and sleeves is chosen in accordance with the season, idea and functional features of the future model. Collar style and material Particular attention is paid to the collar when designing coat cut elements. By the name of the gate, the style is often called:

  • rack - can be performed high and very miniature. It is a variant of a coat without a collar. Especially suitable for short men;
  • shirt collar often complements the hidden fastener bar, is a business compilation of corvert style;
  • shawl collar made of drape or fur, more suitable for older men. Cropped coats with a shawl collar and a slim fit silhouette are popular among young people.

The classic men's coat is made of 4 types of materials: tweed, drape, cashmere and drape. In modern models, you can find knitwear and bouclé as a variant of tweed. This knowledge will help you in choosing the right model. We invite partners and buyers to get acquainted with our collection and buy a men's coat in their own way.

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