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Black Sim 1480 Men's Check Wool Cashmere Blazer
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Men's blazer BlackSim 0301 in cotton
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Stylish men's jacket Black Sim 2502 made of wool
Black Sim 6700 Men's Gray Wool Blazer
Black Sim 2702 Cashmere Casual Blazer
Jacket BlackSim 3001
Mens Single Breasted Blazer Black Sim 1108 - Mens Check Wool Blazer
Jacket BlackSim 0803
Jacket BlackSim 3008
Jacket BlackSim 2902
Men's Blazer Black Sim 2602 - Regular Fit Wool Blazer
Jacket BlackSim 2906
Jacket BlackSim 0211
Jacket BlackSim 0707
Jacket Black Sim 1122
Jacket Black Sim 1512
Jacket Black Sim 1380
Jacket Black Sim 2201
Jacket BlackSim 2809
Jacket BlackSim 2211
Jacket Black Sim 1600
Jacket Black Sim 1920
BlackSim Blazer 0805 Black Sim Blazers Spring Summer Men Fashion Seasonal Clothing Casual Mens Blazers
Jacket BlackSim 2901
Jacket BlackSim 2202
Jacket BlackSim 2801
Single-breasted men's jacket Black Sim 0808 dark burgundy, for modern men
Jacket BlackSim 0712
Jacket Black Sim 3112

Men's blazer - the main detail of a fashionable look

The men's blazer is a special wardrobe item that lends form to any casual look. The casual Black Sim collection reimagines classic solutions, making them freer and more comfortable. Men's clothing in the understanding of Black Sim designers is: style, functionality, convenience and comfort.
For casual jackets, soft, comfortable fabrics and a practical and relaxed fit are preferred. Hand-sewn overlays create shape for a perfect fit.

Sewing a man's jacket is a real mystery and art, which is inherited by many craftsmen “from father to son”. Such workshops can be found in Italy, France or Austria. Now the excellent quality of the men's suit has become synonymous with the Ukrainian brand Black Sim.

Men's blazer - how to look perfect

Lovers of free style, caring about their appearance, you need to pay attention to

blazers made of soft fabrics. The material can be jersey, jeans, corduroy, drape, soft satin wool, mixed fabrics based on cotton and linen. Models from French knitwear, which appeared in the Black Sim collection a few years ago, look and wear great.

Draped jackets for men in the off-season are considered outerwear. Made from a blended fabric with cotton - a great option for the business community in the summer. Many models are versatile and look great in any design - business classic, sportswear, casual and leisure options. Many of the proposed models are all-season. We also offer premium designer classic and loose jackets with well-designed cuts and details that give them an exclusive character.

Particular attention is paid to the choice of colors for jackets of the future collection - a cage, a strip, models of rich and rich shades are presented. Individual items of the collection perfectly complement each other in color and belong to a single color palette.

Versatility, comfortable cut, carefully selected fabrics - this is a characteristic feature of all collections of the men's brand Black Sim, which are highly appreciated by many buyers. Our team invites you to the world of a real men's suit, where there is no place for ill-conceived details, there is no place for low-quality workmanship and cut. Owners of a non-standard figure can order suitable jackets according to individual measurements. Your wardrobe will be impeccable.

Ukrainian production - reasonable prices

Quality is not necessarily synonymous with high value. In the understanding of the creators of the Black Sim brand, men's clothing should be affordable and diverse, with a choice of models for different life situations. The offered collections include models:
- classic, business style;

- everyday comfortable;

- stylish blazers for connoisseurs;

- informal models for work and leisure.

Products are presented in the categories autumn-winter and spring-summer, primarily to simplify the selection. Although the easiest way is to visit one of the company stores and evaluate the tailoring and workmanship of the products. You can try on a new look, choose from several options, pick up other wardrobe items and accessories. Black Sim offers the opportunity to purchase a trendy, stylish and impeccably executed wardrobe, where the main role is played by a comfortable, trendy jacket with delicate details.

This can be done, among other things, by ordering tailoring according to individual measurements - and all this at affordable prices. Products are affordable for every man. To look exclusively with Black Sim has become more accessible!

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