Jacket Black Sim 3001

A deep blue linen jacket will be a great addition to a casual or formal look. Carefully thought-out details of the jacket make it unique. The quality of the fabric and the filling of the Black Sim jacket gives clear advantages: multiple cleaning, drying, ironing.

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With Black Sim you will always be attractive and dressed in accordance with fashion, because our designers carefully think over and bring to reality every detail of the jacket.

The linen jacket for men will be appreciated by lovers of comfort and practicality. A carefully selected combination of colors will emphasize the style and personality of the owner, add masculinity and charm.

Jacket with one slot - a slit at the bottom of the back of the jacket for easy access to trouser pockets and ease of landing.

An integral part of a modern jacket is the loop at the lapel. Here it is made of suede.

All buttons on the Black Sim 3001 jacket are matched to the buttonhole at the lapel, contrasting with the main color of the jacket.

Made from the finest materials

Made from the finest materials

Ideal material ratio

Spring Summer

For the spring-summer season

Individual tailoring

Possibility of ordering individual tailoring

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