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Jacket AW 2017/2018 collection - luxurious functionality

The 2017/2018 collection was a bit unexpected for many clients. Our regular customers are accustomed to the fact that the proposed men's clothing is conceptual and self-sufficient, and they need to adapt to the characteristic author's style of Black Sim.

It was pretty organic, but our customers had to rethink their internal clothing requirements. I must say that this approach made many of our clients change and form their own unique style of clothing with completely new accents.

In 2017, our trademark has retained the main features of its original style, but special attention is paid to the preferences of our customers. This is clearly reflected in the character of the traditional line of jackets in the AW 2017/2018 version. The clothing has become more uniform and functional, while retaining the conceptual features of the Black Sim menswear.

The new line also pays attention to a comfortable slim-fit cut, a selection of non-trivial materials, distinguished by deep luxurious shades and rich texture. Another sign that distinguishes everything men's jackets brand, is a wealth of tactile sensations. The models are very comfortable, do not hinder movement, and in the Autumn-Winter version they create a pleasant feeling of warmth and softness.

Blazers from Black Sim: fashionable clothes for all occasions

At the very beginning of the appearance of the Black Sim trademark, the jackets were separated into a separate collection. The models were designed for everyday use, but took into account the needs of customers, managers of companies, and were designed with accents of luxury and chic.

Casual jackets are made in the characteristic Black Sim style. The appearance and construction are largely determined by the author's cutting technique, which combines the traditional classic base and ultra-fashionable details. The main requirement for the models has always been emphasized functionality.

They are great for the physical work that managers often face in companies. Suitable for students, young people and older people, giving the image of youthful ease.

Throughout the day, jackets maintain their impeccable appearance, no matter what the owner's job responsibilities are. The selected textures of fabrics are not only pleasantly warm in winter, but also comfortable and comfortable on hot days. Small dirt is not visible on the fabrics. This is achieved through the use of soft textured materials, and in the spring and autumn periods, a light woolen jacket is the most suitable outerwear.

In casual jackets, our clients can look perfect even after a hard day at work. Models are ideal for Sunday holidays with family, informal business negotiations, meetings with friends. They are convenient for work in the office, on long car trips, create a comfortable emotional feeling when a man needs to be confident in his excellent appearance.

AW 2017/2018 - special attention to accessories

In the AW 2017/2018 collection, special attention is paid to accessories and an assortment of shirts. This season is characterized by attention to contrasts and bright intonations in the image. Our designers recommend:
- butterflies, perfectly replace the traditional tie and make the image solemnly playful;
- ties, accessories with rich shades are in fashion;
- neckerchiefs and pocket squares, this is a trendy detail of the season;
- knitted clamps and scarves are a great addition for cold days, making the image discreet, practical and elegant.

The collection of jackets is mainly made in natural dark and medium shades, functional and comfortable. The models are restrained in style and are perfectly complemented, if necessary, with bright accessories.

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