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Classic white men's shirt BlackSim А565-4824 with long sleeves
Classic white men's shirt BlackSim 5716-90001 with long sleeves
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Men's shirt Black Sim 0759-17906 - classic men's light blue shirt with small-small stripes
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Men's shirt Black Sim 9037-9576 - classic blue men's shirt made of cotton with wide cuffs.
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Black Sim Men's White Shirt 5767-90001
Men's classic shirt Black Sim A238-19599 - men's white gingham shirt with long sleeves.
Men's shirt Black Sim 0759-17906 - classic men's light blue shirt with small-small stripes
Shirt BlackSim Short sleeve А145-Н19363
Shirt BlackSim Casual 0435-4824
Shirt BlackSim 0436-4824
Shirt BlackSim Casual А033-30087
Summer blue shirt BlackSim 1757 for men
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0435-16340
Shirt BlackSim Casual 0435-16342А
Classic White Men's Shirt Black Sim 0385-16076 Long Sleeve
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85284
Shirt BlackSim А145-19362
Shirt BlackSim Short Sleeve 1112
Shirt BlackSim Casual А117-19245N
Shirt BlackSim А117-19245
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90017
Shirt BlackSim Casual А083-19209
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0771-17952V
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-99017
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-96720
Shirt BlackSim Casual А117-19260N
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85283
Shirt BlackSim Casual А145-19363А
Shirt BlackSim Casual 2629-954
Shirt BlackSim Casual 2629-130A
Shirt Black Sim Casual 1010-1010А, Shirts Black Sim Casual
Shirt BlackSim Casual 2629-130
Shirt BlackSim Casual А083-19210
Shirt BlackSim Short sleeve А145-Н19362
Shirt BlackSim Casual 7251-85216
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90093А
Shirt BlackSim 0436-16342
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90017А
Shirt BlackSim 0435-16339
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-94264
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85283A
Shirt BlackSim А145-19364
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0989-20001

Black Sim men's shirts - a world of exclusive quality of a truly Ukrainian brand

Black Sim men's clothing is a world of good quality, accessible to every representative of the strong half of humanity. The concept of our brand is a space of fashionable style in the range of 360 degrees. Each male look, offered in the form of garments, in all the variety of tastes and sizes, is carefully thought out and embodied in the smallest detail. A separate position and pride of our brand are men's shirts. They occupy an intermediate position between underwear and outerwear, which implies special requirements for cut, fabrics and manufacturing features.

The history of the emergence of modern shirts

To understand what a comfortable and functional men's shirt should be, you need to turn to history. The appearance of this garment was preceded by a kamizu underwear shirt,

which appeared in the Middle Ages and served as underwear. It was during this period that linen shirts were traditionally woven, this material, along with cotton, contributed to the comfort of the skin and the maintenance of hygiene. In the 18th century, a shirt appeared that was close to the modern look.

Modern shirts are a "modular" garment that combines a collar previously worn under a frock coat, traditional cuffs, and a collarless undershirt. The functionality of these elements dictates the characteristics of a modern shirt, it should be:
- made of comfortable materials: the Black Sim brand uses the optimal ratio of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Such shirts are very pleasant to the body and do not wrinkle;

- simultaneously combine the functions of underwear and outerwear: the factory specialists have thought out a comfortable cut and presentable appearance, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure;

- fashionable, elegant, in line with modern trends, in some cases - quite solemn.

In the classical sense, underwear includes T-shirts, T-shirts and classic shirts with long sleeves and a collar, worn under an output suit. Swedes - this is just one of the variations, namely mens short sleeve shirts online... Such a cut is traditionally performed in a more democratic style and often refers to the free casual style. Such a model is a perfectly acceptable shirt for a suit for a casual look.

Collection of mens Black Sim Casual Shirts

Black Sim offers its customers an unassuming, comfortable and at the same time a win-win Casual style. The collections of the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons are well-thought-out details of a modern male look for work, leisure, and special occasions. Most of the models are all-season, which eliminates the need to form a separate wardrobe for summer and winter.

Affordable price and quality fabrics

The brand's concept is that good clothing should be available. The Black Sim brand provides an opportunity to choose models of clothing for entrepreneurs, businessmen, business people, students - all representatives of the strong half of humanity, who pay special attention to their appearance. Affordable cost is the key advantage of our collection, which does not interfere with the use of fabrics from the world's leading manufacturers.

Our assortment includes:

  • men's shirts made of elastic, mixed and natural materials;
  • products for work and leisure;
  • colors: plain, light, saturated shades, checkered and striped;
  • holiday and casual models;
  • elegant models for connoisseurs.
  • Wide range of sizes and sizes

The collection of Black Sim shirts is constantly updated and updated in accordance with the fashion trends of the current season. Particular attention is paid to the details of the finish, the features of the cut, suitable for the build. The assortment includes shirts in sizes from 42 to 66, with different sizes. Tailoring to order according to individual sizes is possible.
Traditional Lookbook will help you choose a win-win image and successfully combine individual items of clothing. Our consultants will also help in the selection. Come in our brand stores shopping to always look perfect!

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