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Рубашка голубого цвета, пуговицы в цвете на несколько тонов темнее основного. Отлично подойдет как для повседневного, так и торжественного использования. Слегка приталенный силуэт удачно подчеркнет фигуру.

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Careful handling and proper care of fabrics and textiles contribute to a longer product life. Follow the care symbols on the soft label inside the product.

With BlackSim you will always be attractive and dressed in accordance with fashion, because our designers carefully think over and embody every detail of the shirt.

 This model will become indispensable in the wardrobe of any business man.

Ткань структурный трикотаж — текстильный материал, структура которого представляет соединённые между собой петли.

 The Slim-fit cut, fashionable this season, will successfully emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Made from the finest materials

Made from the finest materials

100% Cotton

Ideal material ratio

For any season

For any season

Individual tailoring

Possibility of ordering individual tailoring

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Cooperation: [email protected] 

Sales department: +38-056-736-88-89 ; +38-067-551-15-91

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