Mens BlackSim A015-18948 Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt Casual
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Mens Summer Shirt BlackSim 020-1
Shirt BlackSim А145-19362
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Shirt BlackSim Casual А083-19210
Shirt BlackSim Casual 2629-130
Shirt BlackSim Casual 2629-954
Shirt Black Sim Casual 1010-1010А, Shirts Black Sim Casual
Shirt BlackSim Casual А117-19245N
Shirt BlackSim Short sleeve А145-Н19362
Shirt BlackSim Casual 0435-4824
Shirt BlackSim Casual А117-19260N
Shirt BlackSim Casual А145-19363А
Shirt BlackSim Short Sleeve 1112
Shirt BlackSim Casual 0435-16342А
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Shirt BlackSim 0436-16342

Black Sim Casual Shirts

Men's casual shirts from the Black Sim brand have a special charm that gives a man of any age an elegant irresistibility. This trend combines classic cut, everyday ease and individual understanding of style.

An important aspect of Casual is the comfort of a man's fit. For these purposes, many men's brands use a popular approach in fashionable design and slim fit. We are talking about the bionic principles of constructing patterns, taking into account the client's complexion and age category, and, as a result, in the increased convenience of the purchased model. Men's shirts combine perfect fit, comfortable seasonal fabrics and fashionable details. These qualities are harmoniously combined with the subtle sense of style of the brand's designers and the classic approach.

Men ́s clothing Black Sim

The Black Sim brand is one of the leading brands in the men's fashion market in Eastern Europe. The VIP Fashion trade brand has become the exclusive representative in Ukraine; the whole variety of products is offered in boutiques.
Men's clothing in the modern sense has acquired a pronounced personal touch. This trend in Europe several decades ago was set by Italian manufacturers, who offered their customers individual production of not only suits, but also shirts. A similar service from Black Sim masters can also be ordered at VIP Fashion boutiques.

Fashion Shirts from Black Sim: Convenience is a Concept
Long Sleeve Models

A casual long-sleeved shirt goes well with casual, classic jersey and tweed blazers. It can be simply worn with trousers in the warm season and perfectly complement a stylish vest. A relaxed style and at the same time a classic cut allow you to look good in them at work, while on vacation, go business negotiations, date and meet with friends.

Choosing a casual-style shirt, you can expect:
- for a perfect fit;
- excellent cut quality;
- up-to-date fashionable details;
- reliable tailoring.

Short Sleeve Models

A short-sleeved shirt is an essential part of a man's wardrobe in the summer. The Black Sim collection presents a different take on a trendy mens shirt that suits men of all ages. Various options for collars, sleeves, well-chosen fabrics, complemented by fashionable details, will help each of our clients create their own personal image, and, if necessary, make an order according to individual measurements.

Fashionable and functional fabrics

A sensible selection of materials for models of seasonal collections allows you to achieve optimal convenience and low prices. The shirts are presented in accordance with the main directions of the Black Sim collection in casual style. In the catalog you can find models made of mixed and natural fibers. The variety of fashionable prints makes the collection versatile and fashionable. The models go well with all offered models.

Fans of extravagant fashion can safely experiment, choosing non-trivial combinations from the classic collection, complementing the image with the proposed accessories - ties, scarves and knitwear. Every season we offer new models that will allow you to update your wardrobe with an emphasis on personal style.

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