Classic white men's shirt BlackSim А565-4824 with long sleeves
Classic white men's shirt BlackSim 5716-90001 with long sleeves
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0435-16340
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90017
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-94255
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85284
Shirt BlackSim А117-19245
Shirt BlackSim 0436-4824
Shirt BlackSim А145-19362
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-99017
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-96720
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85283
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0771-17952V
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90093А
Shirt BlackSim 0436-16342
Shirt BlackSim А145-19364
Shirt BlackSim Classic 0989-20001
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-94264
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-85283A
Shirt BlackSim Classic 7251-90017А
Shirt BlackSim 0435-16339

The classic men's shirt is the most popular wardrobe item, which is given maximum attention when buying. Updating their own personal set of models by men is practiced at least once a year or season. It is the shirt that becomes the main solo, complementing any male image with its perfection. Perfect cut, appropriately selected fabrics, fashionable details of decoration - create the first and lasting impression of the wearer. The Black Sim trademark offers a classic collection of men's clothing, in which men's shirts take a special place.

The classic shirt is the key to the perfect man's look

It is difficult to disagree with the statement that it is possible to look perfect at a business or personal meeting, with friends, during dinner at home in a relaxed intimate atmosphere only in a classic shirt. The popular slim-fit cut further emphasizes the figure and makes its owner slim and elegant in the eyes of others. You may not feel a shortage of this wardrobe item if you pay attention to the collection of the Ukrainian brand Black Sim, which offers products of excellent quality at an affordable price.

Classic men's clothing is present in every man, but the style itself does not always become the leader in everyday choice. Unconditional primacy among the colors is occupied by white and light models. They give solemnity and polished perfection that will appeal to any representative of the stronger sex. White sets the tone for the look, giving it a high-class feel.

The Black Sim brand has managed to offer a wide range of white and colored classic models with different cut elements:
- on a yoke;
- with folds;
- with different types of collars and cuffs;
- designed to be worn with or without a jacket.

Particular attention is paid to products in other colors: in the popular deep blue, black, sand, burgundy, coffee and brown. These shirts go well with suits and trousers from the classic and casual collection. They allow you to create your own everyday style that will showcase the delicate taste of its owner.

Seasonal - Comfortable materials and fit

The variety of classic models offered by the Black Sim brand will help you choose the right option for a particular suit, jacket, trousers. These men's shirts go well with jeans and knit outerwear. They can rightfully be considered informal and universal. Fashionable details of the shirts give the necessary accents, making the appearance emphatically stylish and elegant.

In Black Sim shirts, every man will feel comfortable, at ease. The popular long-sleeved shirt in the collection is presented in summer, demi-season and autumn-winter versions. Seasonality implies the selection of appropriate materials, their composition and density. Winter models help to retain heat and have a thermal effect. Summer styles in fine linen, high quality cotton, bamboo and silk with a cooling effect are just as comfortable as any classic short sleeve shirt on offer.

Details as a fashionable feature

Black Sim designers pay special attention to fashionable details:
- piping trim;
- folds;
- contrasting inserts on collars and cuffs;
- complex cut of the yoke;
- contrasting accessories.

This gives Black Sim products a special touch, making them stand out from the range of fashion brands. Our brand produces high quality men's shirts and clothing, following its own style. The Black Sim offering is considered one of the best ready-to-wear collections in Eastern Europe.

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