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The Black Sim team is pleased to present to your attention new collection of men's clothing Autumn-Winter AW 2017/2018! In it we have collected only the most fashionable and very daring design solutions.
The Fall-Winter 2017/2018 collection includes men's jackets, shirts and chinos that are gaining popularity every day.
The accent, as well as the unchanged Black Sim brand, has become the versatility and compatibility of menswear models. As before, relying on current fashion trends, you can create a stylish wardrobe.
Black Sim designers are well aware of the needs of the stronger sex. The collection contains laconic models of simple cut, which have their own unique "zest" and are distinguished by special comfort.
In the new collection of Black Sim AW jackets 2017/2018, the privilege is made up of models of juicy shades. Today, deep and rich tones of purple, wine, scarlet, green, creamy colors are in vogue. The collection of Black Sim AW jackets 2017/2018 also features a traditional business gray range. Also, our designers have not forgotten about everyone's favorite "cage" print. In the fall season, she performs in very interesting solutions - wine-blue, brown-blue.
The new collection of Black Sim AW shirts 2017/2018 presents a traditional white shirt with an Italian rounded collar, which is ideal for a special occasion and a business meeting. A classic-cut white shirt is an essential element of a business wardrobe.
The male image has become more relaxed. There is no usual severity of the male silhouette. Black Sim designers have adapted the male models to the modern fashion style. By choosing only the most advantageous textures and harmonious elements. The products look quite impressive, despite the apparent simplicity.
And, of course, the hit of this season is the chinos! These models of trousers can rightfully be called a leader, because they have overshadowed even the classic jeans, everyone's favorite.
The new collection of Black Sim AW trousers 2017/2018 presents chinos in a very extraordinary and at the same time fashionable color scheme this season. So connoisseurs of free everyday style can choose restrained blue, gray or brown trousers, or more casual red and brick.
Generally. The models offered in the new Black Sim AW 2017/2018 menswear collection are distinguished by their originality and interesting components.
Black Sim designers offer versatile menswear that will continue to be popular for years to come. Such products can be safely purchased for every fashionista.
We are looking forward to seeing you in our stores!

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