Black Sim Spring Summer 2019 collection

New Black Sim Collection Spring-summer 2019 is already available on the shelves of VIP-mod brand stores. This is a great way to follow fashion without the hassle.

New Black Sim Spring / Summer 2019 Collection Now Available

In this, already in May, there is really warm summer weather, so our representatives of the strong half of humanity should think about updating their men's wardrobe before the start of the season. This year, Black Sim designers have delighted with a non-standard approach to casual style in the Spring-Summer 2019 collection. It has become less formal and more free. At the same time, this brand traditionally has an Italian cut, which is very much loved by regular customers.

What's special about the collection men's clothing Black Sim Spring-Summer 2019

The new collection has quite a few features. The clothes will be interesting with several innovations:

  • First, there are models made of linen, cotton and mixed natural materials.
  • Secondly, almost the entire collection is made of vintage linen with a slight crash effect, which means you can feel free and not worry about unnecessary folds.
  • Thirdly, the products are made in gentle natural tones, while retaining the traditional Black sim courageous line.

The offered clothes are very comfortable due to a rather loose cut, while at the same time they are the bearer of a new trend in office and business clothes, which is dominated by the American style.

As usual: finished products and tailoring to order

Our stores offer a complete collection of Black Sim. Hurry, due to the high popularity, the number of copies is limited. However, we are replenishing our stocks. You can sew any model according to individual sizes. This is a convenient opportunity to diversify your summer collection of clothes and feel impeccable in troublesome clothes. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable looks.

Shop shelves showcase classic and sporty long and short sleeve shirts... For lovers of classics, we can offer white and milk shirts, which are perfectly complemented by trousers with arrows. There are a range of denim-inspired designs that look more suitable for business events while retaining the sporty accents of the outfit. Our range also includes models from past collections and fashion accessories.

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