Men's Black Sim Knitted Sweatshirts

Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W011 blue
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W451 bright red
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W345 blue
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W063 graphite color
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W302 deep gray
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W322
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W223 woolen
Men's knitted jacket BlackSim W032 marsal color
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 1113 with insulation

Men Bombers Black Sim

Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0813 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 1213 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0513 with blue insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 1113 with insulation
Men's warm wool bomber jacket BlackSim 0613 with insulation
Men's warm bomber jacket BlackSim 0213 with insulation

Men's Black Sim Coats

Men's coat Black Sim 7322 winter wool and cashmere with insulation
Coat BlackSim Р7228

Mens Black Sim Costumes

Blue men's suit BlackSim 0202 made of wool with cashmere

Mens Blazers Black Sim

Black Sim 1480 Men's Check Wool Cashmere Blazer

Men's Shirts Black Sim

Mens BlackSim A015-18948 Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt Casual
Classic white men's shirt BlackSim 5716-90001 with long sleeves
Mens long sleeved shirt BlackSim 0917-18627
Classic white men's shirt BlackSim А565-4824 with long sleeves

Men's Pants & Chinos Black Sim

Black sim 0102 men's casual wool trousers in deep blue

Fashionable men's knitted sweaters and jackets, shirts, bombers and coats - all new items from the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection from the Black Sim brand

Many men treat their wardrobe with due scrupulousness, and every season they update it in accordance with fashion trends. This season, Black Sim offers bomber jackets, men's knitted jackets and sweatshirts in trendy colors, as well as coats and shirts. All models are distinguished by their individuality and increased comfort. As always, the brand pays attention to the cut and selection of seasonal fabrics. In the understanding of the Black Sim design bureau, the Casual style has become more comfortable and relaxed.

Men's bomber jackets in the new Black Sim collection are practical and comfortable

The Black Sim brand offers stylish new men's bomber jackets made of wool, sporty and business style in fashionable blue, gray, brown and black. They look good with business, casual and tracksuits. With individual tailoring, they can be made in selected color combinations.

The brand this year has released a series of topical models of bomber jackets and autumn jackets for men with a minimalistic cut. A minimum of cut details on the products delicately places accents in the image of a man, elegantly combining practicality, individuality and convenience in everyday use.

All products, with the exception of trousers and shirts, are made of high quality dense woolen fabrics, look stylish, wear well and are suitable for men who are serious about their image and wardrobe formation.

The collection includes men's bombers in a noble bright blue color with a red lining, made of different fabrics and different cut features. Available in soft cashmere wool. The variety of the collection allows each of our clients to choose the right option.

The new men's collection 2019-2020 traditionally combines:

  • discreet style with trendy accents;
  • Italian cut;
  • attention to functionality and comfort.

Bomber jackets are available with light and insulated lining, as well as winter models that provide good protection from low temperatures. Our models are offered at a relatively low price. The collection includes premium class products from the highest quality fabrics.

Men's knitted sweaters are a new fashion trend in the Black Sim autumn collection

New Black Sim products always make a good impression on our customers. New models help men maintain their fashion credo and always look perfect. The uniform concept of a cut, within the framework of which clothing for men is created, was specially developed by the designers of Black Sim and is the backbone for all collections. It makes it possible to combine all things with each other and gradually update the men's wardrobe. New models of the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 collection will help our regular customers to be in line with fashion.

Most of the Black Sim brand's loyal customers are men who are engaged in varied but vigorous activities. Among them are businessmen, middle and senior managers, department heads, distributors, students and schoolchildren. Also, our clients are people of blue-collar professions who prefer high-quality clothing. For this reason, the fall collection has become more practical and versatile. The fabrics correspond to the season, preference was given to subtle natural shades.

Men's knitted jackets, sweaters and cardigans develop the knitted jacket ideas that were in our assortment several years ago and were very popular. Today Black Sim is making a small turn in its activities, with a special emphasis on comfortable products.

Our assortment includes:

  • knitted jackets with an English collar;
  • men's sweaters with a shawl collar;
  • men's knitted navi style jackets;
  • bright and contrasting models.

Products go well not only with free images of an informal style, but also business images for office work and business negotiations.

Features of the Black Sim brand

Men's clothing has ceased to be trivial and ordinary, it has become refined and elegant, comfortable and functional. New Black Sim products always make a good impression on customers. It is the new models that help men maintain their fashion creed and always look perfect.

Like every brand, Black Sim has its own characteristics:

  • A unified concept of a cut, within the framework of which clothing for men is created. Specially developed by Black Sim designers and is the backbone for all collections.
  • The Italian cutting technique that creates elegant pieces
  • Models of ready-to-wear class and tailoring according to individual measurements in selected color combinations.
  • The concept "One fabric - one model" is used. Each model is made only from a specific, specially selected fabric, suitable for the season and style.
  • Commitment to casual style with recognizable brand identity.

Taken together, Black Sim offers quality, fashionable menswear with great fit, made from natural fabrics.

Where can you buy the mens bomber jacket and mens black sim sweatshirts 2019-2020?

The brand presents a collection of autumn-winter models, including coats, bombers, sweaters and shirts. It is stylish, comfortable casual wear for men of all ages with popular cuts. Models can be made in other colors upon individual tailoring. The online store offers versions of warm men's sweaters and bomber jackets, you can purchase new models of shirts.

All models of the collection are presented in the VIP-Fashion online store, so that you can buy not only a stylish men's bomber jacket, but also a casual or business suit for work and leisure. We present all the components of a casual Italian wardrobe. We are glad to create a space of fashionable solutions for you!

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